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Our team provides a unique approach and philosophy when it comes to your child's our health.

We are dedicated to providing your child with personalized, gentle care in a child-friendly office environment. Our commitment is to not only deliver exceptional service for your child at each visit, but to give you the tools to maintain proper oral health throughout their development.

We provide the highest level of pediatric and adolescent dental care for the children of Westchester County, and southern Ct, with our highly committed, dedicated and experienced staff in a child-friendly environment.

We feel it is important to
understand what drives us so you can choose confidently, knowing what makes us different.

Individualized Care -

Every child is a star and truly unique. This is why Drs. Troy, Ferrara, Yau and DeBiase work to understand the specific needs of your child, and prescribe treatment plans and options that best fit with your child’s and your family’s situation. You will both feel the difference this approach makes.

Communication -

We believe that trust comes through understanding. This is why we take the time to get to know you and your child, including your goals, hopes and fears. We also educate both you and your child in a manner that helps the child feel secure and safe in the treatments they receive, and you feel confident in making dental decisions on your child’s behalf.

Relationships -

We want your child to look forward to their dental visits. We work to make them fun, educational and pain free. This is why most of our parents comment on how much their child looks forward to their dental visit, in fact, many times their siblings are upset they don’t get to come!

Quality -

We truly care about the quality of work we provide. Quality is always important, but especially in children’s dentistry. If a child does require a filling, it is our belief that it needs to be done the right way so that it is done only once, and can withstand the test of time. With over 20 years experience, plus a dedication to detail, we provide work that lasts. You will see and feel the difference our quality makes.

Apprehensive and Special Needs Children -

Because of their compassion, Drs. Debbie, Frank, Charles and Joe are especially adept at working with apprehensive and special needs children. If you have a child that has struggled with visiting the dentist, give us a try, it will change the way you see pediatric dentistry.

Convenience -

We understand that life is busy and lugging kids all over town can be a hassle. Dr. Troy offers both comprehensive care and convenient hours to ensure you maximize your time and efforts. We provide dental services 5-6 days a week with extra after school hours to accommodate kids that can't miss school. We also provide 24 hour emergency care 365 days a year, and
are accessible by phone through our emergency operators 24 hours/day. We want to be there for you and your child when you may need us most.

If these are the things that are important to you in pediatric dentistry, give us a call, your child will thank you.
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